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Robinson Wood


Robinson Wood Furnishings was founded January 1, 2008 by Paul Robinson. RWF is a small, family owned & operated woodshop in northwestern Minnesota.


After years of doing the basic labor of factory work, Paul decided to follow his hobby of woodworking and made it into a profession in 2006. Paul was offered a job to build mantels for a friend of his who owned a woodworking company. After a couple of years learning the finer art of woodworking, Paul took the mantel business home 2008.


Since starting with mantels, Paul has expanded into many different areas of custom woodworking. He does projects from refinishing tables to designing & building large kitchens. At RWF, he only uses the best materials available for his projects. From furniture grade plywood to select grade or better hardwoods, you are sure to get the quality you are looking for from RWF. Paul doesn’t like to use Press board, MDF, or Melamine, but he will if that is what the customer requests.


All Cabinets and furniture are assembled with durability in mind. Each piece is dadoed and glued and goes together like an interlocking puzzle. Even the face frames are dadoed and recessed onto the cabinet box.


Paul does all his own finishing using mainly Sherwin-Williams products. Each piece is hand rubbed and top coated to a glass smooth finish.


If you have any custom cabinetry or custom furniture needs, please contact RWF. Paul will be happy to assist you anyway he can.